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Author: manvitha

Hi everyone my name is Manvitha. I am a doctor and health expert by profession. I've been having a keen interest in blogging and also have 10 years of experience in health and lifestyle. So, in this blog, i will be sharing my experience as well as tips and tricks to get a healthy lifestyle. Please follow us. Thank You

Healthy Habits to Help You Lose Weight Naturally

May 22, 2019

There are many ways to lose weight fast. This article is taken from Health Line and Food Blog Mag on a simple weight loss program (program penurunan berat badan) that you can do at home. However, most of them will make you hungry and unsatisfied. If you don’t have strong willpower, then hunger will cause […]

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These are the Best foods for increasing low testosterone

May 19, 2019

People with low testosterone may be able to raise their levels by eating certain foods, such as ginger, fatty fish, and some vegetables. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays a role in fertility, sexual function, bone health, and muscle mass. A person’s testosterone level will fall naturally with age — by 1 to 2 percent per […]

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Here you can see how to begin intermittent fasting

May 2, 2019

Intermittent fasting is not a diet. It is a timed approach to eating. Unlike a dietary plan that restricts where calories come from, intermittent fasting does not specify what foods a person should eat or avoid. Intermittent fasting may have some health benefits, including weight loss, but is not suitable for everyone. Intermittent fasting involves […]

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Signs and symptoms of colon cancer in men

April 15, 2019

The digestive system is complex, which makes the symptoms of colon cancer difficult to catch. As a result, it is vital to attend regular colon cancer screenings. Colon cancer, which is also called colorectal cancer, is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in both men and women in the United States. For men, the overall risk of […]

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Here is the tip of balanced diet for men

March 17, 2019

Breakfast Whether your first stop is the office or the gym, adding protein to your breakfast is a great way to rev up your metabolism. If you do exercise first thing, a protein breakfast helps promote muscle recovery and repair. Eggs are an ideal choice because they provide a good balance of quality protein and fat. Other options include […]

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Research in exercise and epilepsy

February 10, 2019

Exercise improves fitness, energy and mood and relieves stress. Improving overall health and wellbeing in this way can help reduce seizures and the impact of epilepsy for some people. It can also help people feel more in control of their health. Exercise releases ‘feel good’ hormones into the brain, helps to keep your muscles active, reduces fat […]

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How does diet affect epilepsy?

January 5, 2019

A balanced diet from different food groups helps the body and brain to function, helping us to stay healthy. This may help reduce the risk of seizures for some people with epilepsy. Making your own meals gives more control over what you eat, and some things can help make cooking safer if you have seizures. […]

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Gaming Fun For Everybody

December 16, 2018

The motto of LiTi-4 is “keeping gaming fun for everybody”. While everyone loves to locate hints, tips as well as cheat codes to assist them to stand out within their favorite games, we frequently forget the objective of a game title, which would be to have some fun. We obtain so distracted by objectives, scoreboards […]

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Sports Betting Basics

December 4, 2018

Americans have a tendency to love sports nearly as much as they’ve grown to like gambling. So, what is more brilliant compared to revolution of sports betting. Forever of sports, fans have discovered much enjoyment in predicting who they believe would be the victors, and picking their overall favorite teams. With each and every single […]

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How to find the Right Sports Betting Strategies

November 6, 2018

Ever wondered why many people have managed to create a living from sports betting? It may be simply because they discovered a betting system that keeps them winning all the time, or they simply have better sports betting strategies. Since everyone recognizes that there’s no sports betting system that may guarantee 100% wins, then it […]

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